Unbranded C&A Lot de 5 paires download chaussettes à motif, Blanc, Taille:

Chaussettes en douce et fine maille, à tige courte, dotée d'une doublure intérieure en éponge. Diverses combinaisons de couleur et inscription Download. Coloris: Blanc Taille: 40 42 Matière: Coton


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IZotope Ozone 10 Standard UG Elements

iZotope Ozone 10 Standard UG Elements, Mastering Plug In Bundle (Download)*Upgrade from any product to 10 Standard*@ @ , Professional mastering tools with numerous editing options, Assistant AI assisted matching technology for sound, dynamics stereo image, Configures the chain by it to a reference Ozone's presets of chart hits or an audio file loaded as a reference, View allows precise adjustment of portion, while Detail gives full control access


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Rob Papen eXplorer 8

Rob Papen eXplorer 8, Plug In Bundle (download), Inspiring comprehensive software package with many powerful synthesizers, drums and effects for creative minds a total of 30 products@ @ *Synths & Drums:*@ @ , BIT, BLUE III, Blade, 2, Go2, Predator, 2, 3, Punch, 2, BD, Quad, RAW, Kick, RG, SubBoomBass, 2, Vecto@ @ *Effects:*@ @ , RevSane, DelSane, MasterMagic, PredatorFX, Prisma, RP Amod, RP Delay, RP Distort, RP EQ, RP Reverse, RP Verb 2, RoCoder,


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Toontrack EZkeys Synthwave

Toontrack EZkeys Synthwave, Virtual Instrument (Download), Provides 140 sounds tailored to current pop music inspired by the synthwave of 1980s, Produced by Timofey Reznikov, Ideal for modern productions via creative design to soundscapes, Available categories bass, keys, lead, guitar, plucks, pads and FX, Built in timeline arranger, Smart Transpose function


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SSL X Limit und X Gate Bundle

SSL X Limit und X Gate Bundle, Plug In (Download), Two essential and versatile tools for targeted dynamics processing@ @ *X Limit:*@ @ , Musical limiter effectively increasing the loudness of track or bus signals while maintaining tonal balance, Easy operation via all in one visualisation with integrated sliders threshold ceiling, True peak mode limiting intersample peaks, Compliant ITU R B.S. 1770 Apple 'afclip' true detection, Four characteristics:


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Steinberg Cubase Elements 12

Steinberg Cubase Elements 12, Audio MIDI Sequencer (DAW) (Download), Classic sequencer software and audio workstation for beginners smaller projects, Supports up to 48 64 tracks as well as 24 instrument tracks, 16 group channels 8 send return channels, Max. 24 physical inputs outputs, Up to 8 insert effects per as as max. 16 independent VST instruments, engine with 64 bit floating point processing up to 192 kHz sample rate, Advanced remote integration,


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MIA Laboratories Musiqual Super Bundle

MIA Laboratories Musiqual Super Bundle, Plugin (Download), Contains Fat, Thin and Muscle as well as the three semi parametric single band EQs Blue, Green Red for colouring distorting signals, busses entire mixes., maximises low frequencies, enhances silky highs without harsh timbres, increases perceived loudness presence compression, delivers Class A sound, clean transistor character of a tube circuit, Musically selected frequency bands matching


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Harrison Consoles AVA Vocal Flow

Harrison Consoles AVA Vocal Flow, Channel Strip Plug In (Download), strip consisting of seven processors for processing voice and vocal recordings, Character: a special 2 band EQ that follows the pitch of vocals, 32C EQ: emulation of Harrison's EQ with four bands high pass filters, De esser: reducing sibilance from speech, Leveler: useful simple compressor, Effects: Chorus, Delay Reverb to refine Master section routing options, Phase inversion adjustable


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MIA Laboratories Musiqual Green Mk II

MIA Laboratories Musiqual Green Mk II, Equaliser Plug In (download), Semi parametric single band EQ for subtle colouring distortion of signals, busses entire mixes with the typical transparent sound of well known transistor circuits, Universally suitable many types of such as synthesizers, guitars, percussive sounds, drums, etc., Continuous frequency control from 20 to 20,000 Hz, Colour provides a soft discrete colouration of sound, Harmonic mainly


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Roland V Piano Exp. 01 German Concert

Roland V Piano Exp. 01 German Concert, V Expansion for RD 2000 (Download), Emulation of one of the most famous concert grand pianos whose sound is suitable almost all musical styles, Contains 17 ready to play patches solo ensemble playing, Allows deep adjustments with help of V parameters@ @ *Note:* Requires a RD system version 2.0!


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